Happy International Women's Day!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Consider for a moment how amazing this day truly is. We are free, here in Canada and in more and more places worldwide. The probability of the entire world becoming, in unison, free for all women and girls, females of all races, classes, spaces and paces is truly on the rise and growing strong. I feel this is highly deserving of praise and applause.

No longer are we the stories of our mothers, grandmothers or great-grandmothers. No more do we have to lay in submission or feel imprisoned by our circumstances. And more and more I’m finding that we are standing to fully represent ourselves for all that we shining stars are as sisters in full on connection.

Can you tell that I love women?

I’m a proud woman and a proud eco-feminist. I believe in equality for all and questioning of the status quo for all. I believe that Mother Nature is closer at hand than ever before and we are just coming upon a true moment of glowing awareness. It is in this connection to all that is true and natural that we’ll get back to knowing ourselves. These words ring so loudly in my ears that I just can’t help but sing them out to you. This is my power as a woman.

What my legacy as a strong, badass woman will be, is finally and utterly of my own making. I can choose what direction I decide to take in this life and naturally that means reaching out to you. I want to see my work on this planet help all those I can around me achieve the beauty that I see in them, for themselves. It takes a practiced eye to spot it, but once you do, you’ll be amazed at how long you went without the breath of fresh air that you are.

I love and appreciate you more than you know. So with nothing but love,