Head Towards the Light

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

I’m waiting on the platform, and I don’t see the train, I can’t hear it but I know it’s coming. I begin to anticipate it because I hear movements somewhere off in the distance and I recognize that it won’t be long now. As the rumble grows louder, I begin to see lights at the far end of the black tunnel. They grow bigger and bigger, the sound growing louder and louder. Suddenly there’s the train, pulling into the station at a rapid pace, one I couldn’t outrun if I tried. Well maybe if I pushed myself really hard… I look away as the train begins to stop, and I don’t know what stop is next, I’m not normally in this part of the city, but I know where I’m going, so it doesn’t matter. I get onto the train because its here and my choice has been made. And away we go.

Just like these series of events, my life is quickly moving closer to where I want to go. At times I don’t know the next steps (actually a lot of the time,) but that doesn’t stop me from waiting and anticipating that more information is on its way. Sometimes if I wait it out, I find that things just come organically, like they’re running on some schedule that is set in stone somewhere, unbeknownst to me. What’s important is that I’m consciously aware in this very moment that I have the power to make my choices be the right choices for me, and that empowers me to keep moving forward, no matter the pace.

This feeling of incredible personal power comes after such a successful design meeting that it would be remiss for me not to share it with you. I sat down for coffee today with miss Sarah Paul and she showed me 3 options for logos. Of the 3, two jumped off the page at me. They were, in concept and form, beautiful. With minor changes and tweaks, one of them will become the logo to spearhead Urban Minerals foray into the marketplace, and that my friends is one of the most exciting things that has ever happened to me.

I can’t wait to have the final finished logo in my hands, figuratively speaking. It will be a VERY proud day for me to finally release it online, and then eventually have it on my product and out into the world where it belongs. So much is coming up and happening that just like the subway I must go with it. The tracks are set in front of me, now it’s just time to follow the path.