Holy Macaroni, Under 72 Hours & Counting!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So we’re officially within the 72 hour mark.  Wilddd.

And things continue to get checked off the list.  With so much going on, I’m amazed that I’m here at all writing this to you.  But just as I felt a year ago, I still know that you guys are the most important part of this whole operation. You’re a part of me now.

And so with less than 72 hours to go until Urban Minerals officially goes live and launches off a springboard of friends, family and fun, things must roll out and on time.  Sleep?  Who even remembers what a full 8 hours feels like?  Sense of deep calm?  Oh baby, she’s on her way!

The trade off is truly that at the moment.  I will sacrifice what’s necessary in the moment so that I can make sure I get the best, most benevolent outcome in the long run.  I’ve always been this way too.  Taking the harder road so that later on I can have it made in the shade.  It was that way with homework and studying, assignments in university and any task that’s ever intimidated me.  I just go for it with gusto, so that I can get it over with and then just sit back and finish up with the enjoyable fun stuff that’s not as taxing mentally, physically and emotionally.  It works for me I guess.

But I wonder if there’s a better way?  I already know of things that I will be learning from on the next round of product making.  I already have a sense of what works and what doesn’t.  And I already have plans to streamline my manufacturing process as things start to grow and move.  I guess what going for the gusto really teaches you is that you will learn things, even if it’s hard up front.  It’s almost better that way.  Better to see what you’re up against, than have anxiety your bed mate in the dark.

This is all a lot of rambling, and I’m taking a mixing break which is why this may sound disjointed, but hey, I’m showing up for you.  Soon it will be your turn to show up for me.  Y'all know I appreciate you!

With nothing but (sleepy) love,

Sarah Devika