How Balance is Beginning to Make Itself Known in My Life

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So last night I sat down to have a graphic design meeting, and it went really well. I’m so excited to see everything roll out as the days begin the last leg count down. But countdown I will not do, because I like my sanity.

I’m getting to the point where everything is coming together. Website is being built, packaging is being ordered, makeup is being mixed. There’s a constant hum of activity and I’m just bobbing along with the current. Thank goodness for good friends and chill hang outs. I would not be doing any of this well if I didn’t have some kind of balance to it all.

Like yesterday for example, as I was doing some writing I realized that I really needed to stop to do some yoga. So yoga I did, and breathing deeply too, and in that moment I got some clarity that I needed. I like to think that I’m a smart cookie but its so much about how your treat yourself that I’ve consistently tried to engrain in myself that only now am I starting to really get the hang of listening to my inner voice and its requests. It’s like the balance is forcing itself out through my pores (along with a little sweat.)

As always things are in a state of process but that’s a good thing. I like that about life. And I also can’t wait to see things come to their eventual closing out and finish. Its going to feel sooo good to be able to show you want I’ve been talking about for the last year in the flesh. I can’t wait!

With lots of love,

Sarah Devika