How I Followed My Dream to Create

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

When I first started down this path, there were so many things I was uncertain of. I had no idea how I was going to do any of these things, make anything, mix the minerals, where to buy them or even what I wanted in my finalized product. I didn’t have a space, I barely knew the difference between titanium dioxide and zinc oxide and truthfully was really unaware of how much work was ahead of me.

But you see, I was in exactly the right place for me at the time, because I was given an opportunity to learn and to grow. So I put one foot in front of the other and I stepped up to the plate.

12 months later, here I am, with thousands of hours logged on the Internet, hundreds of hours spent mixing and colour adjusting, dozens of hours planning and strategizing and moments spent enjoying it all. And I gotta say that I feel as though I’ve created my dream pretty well.

So what did I do? What was my trajectory? Well I spent the first half of my year just researching the heck out of every part of the puzzle, learning about how things worked and with whom, where. I learned about other companies and what they did right and wrong, good and bad. I event spent lots of money educating myself formally with business courses and mineral crafting courses to ensure I was doing the right thing. Then the second half of my year was devoted to action. Learning how to create from the ground up, collecting samples and compiling opinions and most importantly buying the ingredients to pull it all together.

I took each step as it came to me and in the manner I felt was right for me too. I created when I was happy and I saw the benefits and created when I was mad and saw the downfalls too. It was truly a year long lesson in patience. But one that I would never give up because I learned so much about myself and about the beautiful women I love to surround myself with.

So through all of that I realized that yes we all have different life paths but they will all take a certain level of concerted effort, study, concentration but those are the exact ingredients that will help you manifest this crazy thing we call a dream. Follow it, step by step and reap the rewards and making something out of nothing!

With love,

Sarah Devika