How I Make Tricky Decisions

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

What with more things being finalized on my startup journey, I’m having to make really strong decisions on a constant basis. It’s not always easy, because as I can have perfectionist tendencies, I want things to look good and function properly. That’s why when I make a decision, I always think it through logically, check in with my gut and intuition and ask for guidance. Otherwise I don’t move forward.

Being logical is obvious. Look at the scenario, analyze to see what the potential outcomes can be and then weigh each option accordingly. Not so difficult but you do need clarity to help you through.

Thats where checking in with your gut comes in. You know when that smart voice in your head says ya maybe put the fork down or hey maybe don’t walk down that dark alley by yourself? Ya that’s your intuition and coincidentally also your best friend. Put that voice on the loud speaker and pump up the volume! Listen and take that advice when you get it because its always right and is here to help you. No lie. You just have to learn how to interpret the message and not sway from following your gut instinct.

Finally just ask for help if you need it. Ask a friend, a professional acquaintance, someone you admire and in all circumstances, absolutely ask for divine guidance. I find that when I do that, I always get an answer, even if its just in the form of an idea or clarity. Heck even a sign like a bird swooping in front of me that triggers a memory that gets me onto google and then somehow I inadvertently come across the solution is that divine guidance in action. It can be that easy.

I know that when I take those steps, my decisions always turn out well and I stop reacting to things and start creating things, a far more useful and in control state to work in. When I actively create options for myself and my business, I therefore recognize that they’ll lead me down a brighter path. Or if you’ve been reading for a while, the path of most light (the idea that when you make a decision, you should always take the path that leads to the most light, even if you don’t have all the answers yet. It won’t lead you astray.)

So yes guys, always think it through logically, do the gut check and for goodness sake just ask for the answer. It’s already out there waiting for you.

So what are your methods for figuring out tricky decisions? Do you have a go to person? Or a special divining rod? Let me know in the comments below! And just so you know, you can always ask me too. I love hearing you comments and feedback so keep em coming!

One love,

Sarah Devika