How I Read the Blue Freezee Signs

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

As you can see below, I got a big blue Mr. Freeze Freezee at my personal bank branch today, yummy and a nice treat but so much more.  How you ask?  Because I took it as a sign to chill out.  A much, much needed sign if I do say so  myself.

The last few days, few weeks really have felt stressful.  What with all of the things on my plate and work still left to do, I feel stretched to the max.  The same goes for my bank account and my peace of mind.  I keep wanting to feel empowered and like I got this, and instead feel like I’m falling just short of making the grade.  A shit feeling really.

But what’s been my saving grace has ultimately been all the signs that things are working out.  Money wise, I did get a windfall that helped pay for a few major things and like today for example, got handed a big ole freezee for no reason other than I was in the right place at the right time to get a much needed chill pill before talking financials.  Sometimes things just happen ya know?  And I just gotta keep my head up and on the lookout and significance of it all.

I knew it was a sign because of the way it showed up.  Practically out of thin air. And then it hit me - time to CHILL OUT Sarah.  No need to worry so much, just eat this blue treat and turn it down a notch and don’t go into a meeting feeling frazzled.  My intuition spoke up so I listened.

Learning to listen to this voice and receive whatever signs come my way then has been a process but ultimately one I’m apt to cultivate.  Because following the sign worked.  I got what I went to the bank for and it felt all the more chipper with a Mr. Freeze Freezee in hand. What could be better than that?

So do as I do.  Be open to the possibility that better is coming and be open to receiving it when you get those intuitive nudges.  It just might end up being a real treat!

Enjoy the warm weather guys!

One love,

Sarah Devika