How Mineral Makeup Has Made Me Think

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

With 6 days left until Urban Minerals goes live, I have to give some praise to the reason I’m going into business - mineral makeup. I’ve spent the last year learning the trade, crafting a brand, measuring out a place in the world and maintaining a reverence to something I know can help a lot of women feel beautiful.

I love mineral makeup because its made me think about beauty, multiculturalism, fashion, style, urbanism, environmentalism and sustainability. It’s forced me to consider and reconsider what I thought was possible for myself and its especially made me focus on how much I love to help people. In something as wonderfully simple as feeling and looking good, I know I can make an impact. A year ago I knew this fact and through the course of the journey, today it’s just been reinforced a hundred fold.

I hope that I can keep communicating to you, more clearly as I go, how this impacts my life and why I thi its important to continue telling these stories. I want to share my world with you and I want to more important share Urban Minerals with you. So in 6 days, come back here and get ready to witness something totally new!

It will be the start of something new for all of us.

With one love,

Sarah Devika