How the Moon Phase Can Help you Plan Better!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today is the phase of the moon where it looks like there is no moon. See, check it out

This means that whatever has passed in the last month is now passing away and you’re moving beyond it, readying to welcome something new.

I like this kind of mystical thinking because it makes me feel like I too am on to something even bigger and better. Not a bad perspective to hold.

Because I’ve consistently been making movements and mixing a ton of product, finalizing things, networking my butt off, responding to new business contacts and just kicking ass in general, I feel that I’m just about ready to make the big movement onto the next level. Cuz baby it’s coming for meh!

I think we can all tune into this kind of thinking sometimes which is why I ask, what are you letting go of? What new adventure is on its way to you for the new moon in June? If you could make it anything of your choice, what would you choose?

And if you are conscious to the fact that things are shifting and passing away and that the new is coming, it’s about time to pull out that handy dandy monthly planner, mind map, pros and cons sheets and vision board, which will help you, us, to make good decisions. Lets not forget that it’s always good to re-visit and re-evaluate these kinds of things on an ongoing basis and when better a time than at the end of the old and the beginning of the new?

So choose to create it consciously and own it girl! You can do it!

One love,

Sarah Devika