How to Find Your Light(ing)

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

As I’m creating my product and fine tuning the way it looks and feels, I’m getting more and more into good lighting. I think like a good majority of the people my age, I take a standard amount of selfies (pictures of myself) and I’ve been seeing how much lighting plays a roll in the way my makeup wears, and more important how and if it looks good.

Good lighting to me therefore is when you can see your favourite features and angles of your face light up in a way that displays them best. We can all find something to like in ourselves and on our faces and I for one think its mad important to recognize them and want to play them up when possible.

This particular idea always takes me back to my university days when I obsessively watched Americas Next Top Model. My girl Tyra would always tell the girls to find their light, to face that light, but also to practice in the mirror enough to know the plains of their own faces. It’s like knowing yourself like the back of your hand but for makeup and lighting. Kinda cool right?

So anyways back to the issue at hand, I just really want to test my product to the best of my ability before I release it to the world. It has to look good in natural sunlight hands down, no questions asked, because that is the best and most efficient way to look natural and effectively like your not wearing anything at all. But, it also has to stand up in harsh lighting, fluorescent lighting, dim lighting, street lighting, spot lights and pot lights. This way I can ensure that your always gonna feel as good as you look, cuz girl your a natural beauty and you look like your beautiful self.

Thankfully I daylight in a job where I work in a basement… Not so great for my vitamin D, but hey, it does give me ample opportunity to test my theories.

So anyways, I wanted to give you a little homework. I would love if you could just take a peak in a mirror next time your in the bathroom or even in public. Check your face out and depending on the lighting available, examine yourself to see what angles work best for you. Then report back and comment below to tell me your findings. I’m fascinated to know what you see! (And bonus points if you tell your reflection that you love yourself!!)

I hope you all had an enjoyable weekend my loves!

With nothing but love,

Sarah Devika