How to Take a Compliment

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

With inner-beauty like yours, compliments must abound…

And sometimes, let’s face it; it can be hard to find the right balance between modesty and grace…

With years of observation at clubs, bars, malls, work and the great outdoors, I’ve found that there are 3 types of people in this world. 

I don’t know about you, but I love that 3rd person.  Why? Because it shows me an important growth curve in our society. 

As women we’re taught from the beginning to be feminine, to take up less space physically, to reject our own worth at times to attract friends and partners who will shower us with praise.  

But isn’t that counter-intuitive?

Through each of our own personal evolutions, we will all hopefully realize our own self-worth.  Recognizing that you are amazing, that you have worth for being yourself is your right as a beautiful individual.  Why else are you here but to learn about what you love and to do more of that.

I think as part of that evolution growth curve it’s also important to reconcile how we are perceived and how that impacts our interactions with others – self-awareness.  When one pursues that with the same fervor they do their passions, they are ultimately led to a whole new world of experiences.

So taking a compliment can be two-fold.  It’s important to recognize it as a lovely exercise in asserting your individuality.  The compliment on style, looks, intellect etc, is coming to you because you are you.  So take it as it is and say thank you with the same style and enjoy.  But if you want to go deeper, then this is just another wonderful opportunity to dive deeper, and to engage with it in the moment by showing deep appreciation and later on in your own personal reflection.  Up to you.

So let me give you a challenge.  The next time you received a compliment, big or small, handle it with cool, calm and collected grace.  Accept that you are what you are being told you are and use that as an opportunity to delve deeper into yourself. 

Here’s your first one…I think you are incredible smart and beautiful!

With nothing but love,

Sarah Devika

Founder & CEO of Urban Minerals