How to Transition to Spring & Summer!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Wow it’s too beautiful outside today! I mean spring has sprung and along with it all of the beautiful colours of nature. I’m excited just thinking about it, and getting really into wearing all of my favourite clothes and accessories for this season. Ahhhhh ;)

All of this good weather has me obviously thinking about my skin. What with the sun shining down, it’s important to note that vitamin D is starting to be produced, but there are a few safe sun reminders I want to put out there.

First, please practice safe sun! I know it’s sexy to go bare, but in 40 years you won’t look so sexy…

Secondly, make sure you get your hands on some Urban Minerals foundation when it launches on the first day of summer! This good for you mineral makeup provides a natural SPF of 20. Pretty cool right?

And thirdly, get ready for your skin to change as the seasons change. If you’re here in Toronto where we get the four full seasons, then you know how seriously hot and humid it gets. Just make sure that your transitioning to a lighter moisturizer so that your skin can breathe easier and look more natural dewy not greasy.

These are my tips for playin it sun safe. Dig it? Hit like. Want more? Share it with your friends!