Mixing Business With Pleasure

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So while I was away on vacation I snuck in a little business with my pleasure.  

I drove from Calgary to Vancouver.  It took me two days because I stopped in Kamloops over night.  This was wonderfully planned because as I was waiting in line for Tim's the morning I left, I realized that I would be swinging through Surrey, which is right where one of my mineral suppliers is located.  So obviously I had to make a stop.

When I got to their warehouse I felt right at home.  I shopped around and priced out some quantities of ingredients that I knew I’d be needing and made my purchases.  So much better than ordering online.

This also made my life a lot easier, because I got to actually know some of the staff in person.  It makes so much sense as a business woman to create contacts while in places other than home to help manage a partnership that you foresee having for a long time.  Essentially, networking is smart.

When my product arrives (should be here tomorrow!) I will call to say thank you.  Easy peasy, but classy too.  That’s how I like it.

For the rest of the week, this simple act helped me relax and not stress about everything that was and still is a loose end here in Toronto.  I knew I guess that I had Urban Minerals still in motion and that can bring a surprising amount of comfort.  So here’s to more smart decisions like this upcoming week in which I have more mixing sessions with some fine ass women (I plan to have all my colour foundation recipes mixed by months end!) I really wanna kick some ass so here we go! Send me some good vibes friends and universe!!

One love,

Sarah Devika