My Makeup Moments

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

With 9 days to the launch of Urban Minerals, I find myself reflecting on all sorts of things and taking breaks from the frenetic pace of it all just to sit and think.  One such topic that has been on my mind are all the makeup moments that have led me to this path.

My whole childhood you see was peppered with longings to wear makeup.  I always wanted to experiment and try new things, feel sexy and look good, even at a the age of 5, long before I even knew what sexy meant.  I remember walking down the stairs on Sunday mornings after having pleaded for half an hour to wear some of my moms lipstick, and feeling sooo glamorous.  

I remember the moments I bought my first eyeshadows (pastel blue, pink and white cream shadow, yeeoowza!), eye liners, mascara’s and foundations and how those instances impacted me for the better.  The foundation in particular just made me feel invincible, a sentiment I won’t soon forget.

I remember scouring the internet for how to’s and video tutorials that would help me to better understand what makeup was all about and absolutely devouring one after the other as if I was on some kind of personal mission. 

I guess those moments do count.

It’s through all these moments that I realize now more than ever, with just 9 days until I launch my own brand of mineral makeup that it’s so important to shine a light on who you are and recognize that all those little moments really do add up to something big and beautiful.  I will be the first to vouch for it, because here I am after all working towards my dream and seeing it come to fruition.

I want to just spread the love that I’ve felt for my personal experiences and my experiences with others that have greatly helped me on this path and just go to show that your dream is right in front of you with the stepping stones of past wonderful moments leading you on up to the next important milestones.  You can and will capture it, you just have to shine a little light on it.

So take a moment, sit and reflect on what those moments mean for you and make the most of them.  You won’t soon regret it!

With nothing but love,

Sarah Devika