:O to my First Review!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Ok Seriously, I’m literally just copying and pasting.  Please now feast your eyes on the awesome-ness of this review, from my very first customer, Sephra! 

“ July 10th 2013

To Urban Minerals:

I am writing to rant and rave about my recent purchase of Urban Minerals. I made the switch to ‘natural’ cosmetics about 7 years ago but had a difficult time finding a powder or foundation that would match my skin. The products I found were too gray, too ashy, too pink or just mis-coloured. I would look at photos of myself and see that my face did not reflect me and in some embarrassing circumstances, I would have that dreaded jaw line mark where my powder or foundation did not match my neck. Eikes!!!

I recently came across Urban Minerals and decided to give it a try. I didn’t know exactly what colour I was, so with a little help, I fell in love with Heat Island. It was identical to my skin colour.

I came home eager to try it out. I washed my face and applied my moisturizer (I have combination skin). I grabbed a powder brush and in small circular strokes, I brushed the powder onto my face. Wow! I was ecstatic. It matched!! I also had some dark spots so with a damp q-tip I dabbed a bit of powder and set it onto the spots. It worked too! No discolouration. The real test was when I went out that day in the humid weather. I blotted my face with Kleenex through out the day. I came home in the evening and saw that my powder had stayed in place.

I highly recommend this powder because it is easy to apply, matches all skin shades to a T and lastly, it is good for your skin. In fact, I didn’t wake up with small whiteheads or a rash. It is truly buildable for those sexy nights out when we want a little more coverage and it is so light and airy that you truly forget you are wearing anything! I have also gotten a lot of compliments about how healthy and radiant my skin looks. I will be a committed customer now!!! No more Sephora, Shoppers or Pure and Simple for me…Urban minerals all the way.

Thank-you so much for such a fantastic product!!!

Peace to all, life to all, love to all…


Mmmmmm Girl!  Thank you for such a wonderful review and feedback.  I’m beyond words, on another plain of happiness.  Level me up!