Ooooh Girlll, I Processed the Shit Outta That!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Oooooh girl, B-School is starting up soon and today I got access to the members area. I also met up with my good friend Justin to talk financials, did some biz exercises, figured out why I wasn’t getting all my emails and got back to a few key players. All in all a wicked awesome process day.

It’s days like today that I live for because I know that they’re getting me 2 steps closer to my launch date goal, aka the biggest goal I’ve ever set myself. It’s also getting days like today under my belt that assure me that I can do and accomplish anything, It just takes some clarification sometimes is all.

I’m still riding high off my good energy for the past two days, and I gotta admit that I’m staying strong mentally and emotionally and that’s another key indicator that the balance that I so strongly covet is surrounding me.

Hear hear to kicking ass at goals!

I hope you like this update. Look out for anotha tomorra!