Opening to Packaging Possibilities

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Right now I’m opening up to the possibility of endless packaging. I want to have the packaging of my dreams and right now am working on something that looks like a wonderful wooden dream. Either way I look at it I’m so ready and excited to have something that beautifully communicates Urban Minerals mission easily. There’s also a certain level of class there too that I want to give more women access to. I’m putting out those good vibes and am counting on my leads to bring exactly that to me.

I can just imagine the right packaging sitting in my hand, with my product inside, showing all colours of the ethnic rainbow and I’m smiling a big smile of satisfaction. It’s shiny and wooden and I can see my logo sitting on top looking hellah fine and resplendent and all that jazz. I can feel its weight in my hands and feel the lid as I twist it off to open it up. I can even see the powder inside as I dip my powder brush into it and use it for the very first time… Ah yes, there it is! I know that it’s on it’s way, heck it’s already here!

I just know that I’m going to get my final answer oh so very soon and when I do, you will be the first to know! Wish me luck friends!