Plans to Realize

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today was quite the day I had. I did my 9-5 gig and then proceeded to mix one of my girlfriends foundations for Urban Minerals after work which turned out great. There were a few really cool moments where I felt just awesome and I guess that’s why you’re here, to read this.

It seems that when things go well, they can go really well. I love those days. You know the ones where you feel really good cuz you like your outfit, feel sexy, and everyone seems keen on your for no particular reason; you help someone with directions, strike up conversation with a randomly cool animation student, have a lovely conversation with an older woman about life and tolerance and even somehow have time to have a very nice italian dude leave you his number and ask you to go salsa dancing…;). Ya it was just one of those days. I can dig it.

All of this positive energy translated into my mixing session going effortlessly well. We chatted and I got two foundation colours out of the session. It seems that through my sessions I’m also developing a methodology that is helping me immensely and making me feel really good about my venture. Why yes I will have more of that universe. Thanks.

I figure that its about time that things start to really come together. I want to really fine tune everything, and make sure that my checklist is in fact moving along as well as I know it to be, but also have that truly reflected in my day to day life.

If today’s any indication, then perhaps I’m closer to my goal that I had presupposed.

Anyways, I’m off to mix up some more foundations in preparation for my day tomorrow. In order to get everyone in, I’m booked to the nines with back to back sessions, but hey it’s worth it, when my dream is to launch June 21st and feel good about what I’m creating and putting out into the world. So the prep happens now and then goes off without a hitch tomorrow. Ya I like that idea.

So let the words above be a reminder that life is good and you have all the power in the world to make it so. All sorts of cool things can happen, but ultimately you have control on how you feel about it and today I feel pretty darn good.

Amen to that.