Productivity through the Eyes of a Hobbit

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today was a day of productivity. I awoke early, did one sun salutation (better than nothing!), did some deep breathing (4 counts in, 6 counts out - helps to lower the heart rate and centre your being) and got to work on my business plan writing. According to the CYBF Canadian Youth Business Foundation I’m 11% finished. Progress!

I’m really liking this business planning tool so far. It gives me easy actionable steps as to planning, intuitive questions on what to write, tips, info and examples that are specifically catered to me, based on my industry. Plus it’s free and Canadian. Can’t go wrong there.

Taking this time, so early in my year to do this work is giving me a great outlook and slowly but surely building up my confidence. At last check last year, I recognize that I felt as though I was spread too thin, kind of like too little butter on too much toast (LOTR reference ;). Now that the new year has rolled in, and I have a stay-cation under my belt, I feel like I’ve been re-charged and I’m raring to go. So off I go.

I also just got home from watching the Hobbit, a wonderful movie and a book I enjoyed many moons ago. Watching such an epic adventure rendered so beautifully on the 3D big screen has me conjuring up all these metaphors that are far too fantastical to share here. I do however appreciate the interplay on long journeys and their culmination in grand themes of small beginnings, heroic efforts and working for the greater good. I will be dreaming of them tonight for sure…

Anyways, I’m writing my plan at any chance I can get on my brand new iPad that I got as a mega present from my awesome sister. It’s the perfect portable solution to my on-the-go, commuting ways and has so far proved to be both fun and invaluable to my creative and planning process. I look forward to completing my business plan! Yay!

So before signing off for today, let me ask - is there anything that has recently come into your life that has increased your productivity and confidence ten-fold? Is it something we can all benefit from, technologically or otherwise? Let me know, because your comments light up my life!