Sharing With You

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

The opportunity to show people what I’ve created is beginning to become a reality. I now have my finalized packaging, which I’ve filled with my own mineral foundation and its pretty dope. It’s now the sticker labels that are being printed and the ingredients to be purchased at a larger scale, the recipes to be finalized and scaled and the website to continue to be built that has my attention.

As an honest aside, I’ve left my biz plan for the time being. The task has become more of an undertaking than I could physically devote my time to, so I’ve decided to postpone my grant application until a time that I feel more comfortable. There’s another funding cycle coming up soon.

Which means that I’ve had to learn how to move forward at a different pace. And it’s at this pace that I continually want to remind myself that I need to create from my centre and not as a reaction. It means that even when people say things that make me feel uncertain, I have every right to respond in a way that I can feel good about. More importantly I have every reason to work towards my goals while taking in and understanding what’s coming to me and up for me.

All of which goes to say that yes, I am getting more and more excited to share what I’ve created with you my friends. I want it to work and be good and most importantly of all, make you feel good. Which is exactly where my focus remains and will stay. The mission is still the same and thankfully I’m aware enough to realize that.

I hope you have a good day ladies and gents!

One love.