Smoothie, Work, Eat, Work, Test, Work, RELAX

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today was my day off and almost like a ritual, I got up early, made my smoothie and got down to work.  Feels so effin’ good!  I love sitting and pouring myself into my work.  It’s become what I live for and I think that’s a very good thing.  I rewarded myself with well deserved meal breaks and sitting by my sunny living room window.  Small pleasures, but truthfully well appreciated and much needed.

After spending the whole day focused on working on my branding, positioning and ideal customer avatar through #Bschool, I met with my chemical engineer Paula and got to test 4 prototypes for my foundation.  SO EXCITING!  I’m literally buzzing right now.  It feels so nice to get good progress going.  I feel like I’m floating above my body, just enjoying the experience.  Yes!

Tomorrow is another day, but one devoted entirely to my 9-5 (technically 10-6) and then a birthday party! I’m excited to go dancing, something I haven’t done since New Years.  Ok wait, no that’s not true. I went to Swedish House Mafia, which was a truly epic Toronto event, last month.  But seeing as how that was last month and this month is a whole nutha’ set of challenges and experiences, I deserve some me/friends time!

So have a great night everyone, I hope this week was super productive for you too.  I’m off to enjoy an Aura Cacia Relaxation bath!  Toodles!