Social Contract?!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today I had brunch with my older sister Melis, and we had a really good, deep life talk. It’s so important to have these kinds of conversations from time to time, you know the kind where you dig really deep, talk about the past and how that affects your future, give thanks for the present and just girl talk in general. I find it both therapeutic and fun, which is never a bad combination. Somehow this always spurs up new inspiration and kicks in new information to the mould. Why is this perfect for right now? Because all of a sudden I’m put in the right headspace to create a social contract.

You may be asking yourself, qu'est que c'est? Well a social contract is an agreement you enter into with a social group (which I already do with you through social media), a peer group, or a friend, for the purpose of carrying out something important. In my case today, I’m going to outline what needs to happen in my life to ensure that Urban Minerals launches as its gloriously set to do in June. Things like being the healthiest version of myself, setting daily work quotas and creating spiritual practices for myself through “May Cause Miracles”, the book I picked up a few days ago, are just part of this contract agreement.

The other part has to do with what happens if all goes to plan or if all goes to shit. Basically in this agreement there are two outcomes. The first is if I get all my work done, clean up my spiritual act and launch my product in June with a successful outcome. In this case I think going to Body Blitz spa would be a wonderful reward for myself - I love that place! However if things don’t go my way, then I have to give up something important as a marker of my failure. I have to pick something really good so that the stakes are high and I feel motivated to complete everything accordingly.


Right now I’m having a gut feeling tell me that I should put my new iPad on the line, the same one that I’m currently writing this to you on. I think that may serve well as hypothetical collateral but oh my god, do I wanna? So much to consider, but if all goes well then I get my spa day and iPad too, plus achieving some really big things.

Oh snap, decisions, decisions.

I’m going to talk it through with Meghan, my partner in this social contract and make my decision soon enough. Be sure to follow tomorrow for the final update on this process.