Social Contract at Work

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today I make good with my social contract. As I said yesterday, I went ahead last night and wrote a contract with my good friend Meghan. My specifications for the next 5 months leading up to Urban Minerals launch date are as follows:

Be the healthiest version of myself - yoga everyday, eating mindfully, cut out fast food
Complete “May Cause Miracles” 40 day hand guide to subtle spiritual shifts - to feel more grounded, stable and spiritually secure
Launch Urban Minerals - devote 3 hours daily to each component of the business planning process and rotate throughout the week ie. complete product development, branding package, business plan, funding goals, and marketing plan etc. Rinse & repeat.

If I for some reason cannot achieve what I’ve set out to do, then in the contract my marker of failure is giving my iPad up to a charity of Meghan’s choosing. But, and when I succeed, I will reward myself with a day of whimsy, laughter and ultimate celebration perhaps at a spa or doing something equally as amazing. Sounds fair to me.

Going into this contract I know that it will be hard work, that’s to be expected, but now with the adjunct that there are real consequences, I’m looking forward to having the pressure be really on. I don’t know about you but I definitely perform better under pressure and I think that this will serve finely as the fuel to my fire. Working at my own pace while nice, can also be distracting because I don’t give myself hard deadlines. Well that’s going to have to change as will many of my behaviours.

If you want to see the actual document we drew up comment below and let me know. It’s a thing of beauty!