Some Exciting News and Happy Black Friday!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So I haven’t posted a new blog in a while, and it’s mostly because I’ve been SUPER busy.  I know right?  What goal oriented person isn’t, with love, good intentions, strong work ethic and joy in their hearts to create! (lol, I’m such a sap sometimes, but I love it!)

While I’ve been undercover so to speak, so much has been cooking up here in the Urban Minerals studios.  Big shifts, learning, planning, exercising new muscles and stretching beyond what I, we, creatively thought possible.  I’ve been majorly blessed to have some truly wonderful, smart and important people come into my life and existing partnerships continue to strengthen to a point where I feel utterly supported on my path.  I can tell you guys are getting it, what with the new content that’s been coming out and the support I’ve received.  

I’ll share it here for the first time the video I was able to capture of my very first appearance on TV!  This was a huge step for me to take, and perhaps you can’t tell from watching, but I was very nervous and excited to be able to speak about my love, Urban Minerals!

I want to re-assure you that this is just the beginning.  There is SOOO (capital letters means its a big deal) much more to come.

I can only say for now that I’m truly digging down deep to find the inspiration I’ve been longing for, and I literally can’t wait to announce what’s going to be happening, December 1st.  

So thank you for liking all of the pictures and reviews and videos (!!) that have come out.  This is just the beginning friends!

OH! And Hurry over to if you’ve been considering one of our Foundations!  Today is Black Friday and we’re offering 25% off + FREE shipping!! Use coupon code BlackFriday2014 to save big!

With nothing but love,

Sarah Devika