The 3 F's

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today was quite the long day, which began at 5am. I had a buying day at work and then at home got back to painting and eventually some personal business communications. As always I’m striving for balance between these components of my day and it seems like the 3 F’s are important for this purpose - freedom, forgiveness and focus.

Freedom simply reminds me that I have the ability to work on what I choose freely. I also control my thoughts and actions. This makes me feel more in control as a result.

Forgiveness is important especially when my time management skills run into my tiredness. I can learn to forgive myself even when these moments happen and know that it’s ok and tomorrow is another day to kick ass.

And focus, well that’s what happens when I get the other two under my belt. Focusing on my work while also keeping the greater picture in mind too, is just part of the multifaceted art of focus. It’s not just a simple one-track mind set that will get you there in the end, after all.

So with that I close my day just in time to remind myself to keep on practicing those 3 F’s. I want to know I have that freedom to forgive so I can focus properly. One feeds the other and they all intermingle in this dance we call life.

So when in doubt, F it!