The Birth of Something New: Urban Minerals is HERE!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth


So yesterday was the official launch party for Urban Minerals and the amazing success still has me blown away. Lots of family and friends came out to celebrate this beautiful moment in time, to try the makeup, and to dance the night away. It was a peak moment for sure.

What has been a year of trial and error, learning curve upon learning curve, stress, exaltation and unmitigated joy came together last night to transform me and my new company, Urban Minerals into a fully operational business!

Holy macaroni Batman!

I just want to send out some gratitude and say THANK YOU to all the people that have helped me in this journey. A year is a long time to devote to one project and I could not have done any of it without the love, support, laughter, grace and good friendship of some amazing, beautiful spirits. I feel truly blessed to have had this opportunity to bring this dream to reality. In my eyes it’s already a success.

Watch out for new pictures coming out from the launch party soon, and in the meantime, head on of to where you can have a look at what’s been-a-cookin’ for the last year! I’m still in awe.

So thank you again, followers, supporters and urban hippies alike, I love you and am blessed to have you in my life!

With nothing but love,

Sarah Devika!