The Eternal Optimist

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today was another mix day and I would say it went well. I was able to match one skin time and mix two other foundations for the line. I also put in a ton of writing work and am very close to having approved, ready to go invites for my launch party! It’s good but I can’t help but feel a little run down as I’ve gotten sick because of the drastic weather change. Ugh. But hey I still have to remind myself that yes I am alive and abundantly so and that I have every opportunity to make this life a great one.

And this is how I know folks that I’m an eternal optimist. I’m feeling blah and yuck and still I look for that silver lining, that kernel of truth to remind me of all the good. Can’t nobody hold me back!

So one love my people, and one love to tomorrow too, I’m back at work and back to business! Booyah!