The Stay-Cation

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

I’ve decided that I’m going to dub my time off as a stay-cation. With my day off coming tomorrow and nothing to do, I’ve set my sights on total relaxation. I want to spend my day just hanging out at home, eating some delish Christmas leftovers, doing an at home mini-facial and just enjoy my own company as I reflect, journal, pin on Pinterest and just carry out general vacation-y nothingness. I may even go out to take my passport photo but other than that I am free as a bird, to come and go as I please. How liberating.

Urban Minerals does continue to come into my mind, but now it’s more in a self-reflexive way that reminds me to take each moment as it comes and to stop forcing myself to act when I’m clearly not in the work mood. I want to embrace new habits and let go of ones that keep me stuck in fearful practices and operating in a low frequency kind of way.

I can only imagine how I’ll feel January 1st after I’ve had a few days to process this all.

In any case my friends, take these last few days of 2012 to do some stay-cation type stuff. Even if your at the office or working shifts, enjoy the time you have to yourself and take a nice long bath, read a chapter of your book, or go to bed when you feel sleepy and get a few extra hours in.

Life is like a glass of wine after all, it should be savoured.