The Unfolding

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So talking with my good friend Meghan tonight, I really got into the spirit of all of that I`m creating and how amazing that truly is.  It`s incredible that all of this is coming together and just today I spent my time compiling the items that I`m going to be buying but in bulk, to make larger batch sizes…whoa!  That in and of itself is a marker of success for me.  I`m finally at the point where I`m looking to really expand and it feels darn good.  I can`t wait to see what the next phase brings me.  

What with bringing together all areas of this enterprise - branding, website, packaging, product, colour catalogue, marketing, funding, launch party planning etc, I feel like yes my energy is split, but my focus remains on point.  I have one vision and that`s ultimately to sit back and watch this all unfold as it should, with the end result being success.  Great success!

Who knew that this would all happen, and in the right way for me at the right time.  All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you and thank you again for the opportunity to see tomorrow and know that I have more days ahead of me to bring my vision out into the world, into plain sight, and directly into my hand.  God I can`t wait for that moment.

Anyways, I`m off to bed ladies and gents.  I bid you adieu and peace out!