Tough Calls

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Changes in trajectory happen everyday.  Sometimes it can be as simple as changing directions on the sidewalk or moving over a lane on the highway, and other times it can be larger scale, where if you make one change, you will absolutely change the outcome of a much larger endeavour.  

That’s my mind set right now.  And, it’s ok.

I have been thinking about filming a video for a while now but at this juncture in my planning it just doesn’t seem feasible.  While it would be nice to have, it’s not crucial to the success of my business.  Coming to that decision wasn’t easy, but thankfully I can move forward clear minded enough that I still have many other things to work on and make happen in a way that I will be utterly proud of.

It’s a good thing as well because it takes one big item off my to do list, and streamlines my ultimate trajectory.  This path I’m on is specific to my launch.  This doesn’t mean that at some future point post-launch that I won’t film something for you all to see.  Just not right now.

I hope to be able to make such decisions again in the future.  They are after all in my best interest and will eventually always work to my benefit. It’s a tough call, but someones gotta make it!

What I can now focus on more is just making sure that I produce the highest quality makeup that I possible can.  Which is the best decision that I’ve ever made.