Urban Minerals, T minus 7 days

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So this is it guys, the last week until the launch of Urban Minerals.  Can you believe it?  I know I sure can’t.

But I can.  When I sit down and really think about the journey I’ve been on, it amazes me in a way I never thought possible.  A journey that began as the hint of a dream, and inkling of what adventure meant, and then a full blown fantasy and finally a powerful, intuitive and enlightening saga that is about to come to it’s own close in just a weeks time.  

So what have I learned?

To really, truly, madly and deeply appreciate beauty.  Through this experience I’ve realized and honed my sense of beauty, the way I want to perceive beauty in the world, and what makes me feel beautiful, so that I can translate that into the work I put out into the world.  My personal style has gotten more fierce, I’ve become stronger, first emotionally and spiritually and then physically, and my mind has blossomed as a result and opened up like a flower, waiting to be watered anew.

I love that I can tie these kinds of thoughts more importantly with my brand and begin the process of communicating exactly what that means and feels like to you.  In 7 days time, you will have the opportunity to actually buy and try the Urban Minerals Loose Mineral Foundation and to feel the difference that love, beauty and respect can make in your skin.  That’s right party people, there’s a whoooole lotta love in them too! (I secretly put some Reiki love energy into my mixes so that they just feel better energetically too!)

Through it all, I’m just so gosh darn happy to know that I’m at the beginning which is found at the close (and yes that’s a Harry Potter reference too.) But it’s true.  With the closing of one year’s worth of hard work, comes the beginning of many more years to come.  It’s like giving birth to the product of my manifestation, and I gotta say, mama’s proud!

I can’t wait to share it with you guys, and I can’t wait to feel how happy you are and see your individual beauty pour forth from your shining (matte) faces!  

So with nothing but love, and a whole lotta enthusiasm, I bid you adieu and good night.  Until tomorrow,  

Sarah Devika