Vacation Time to Feel Alive

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So if you follow my tweets, @urban_minerals, then you will know that I’m currently in British Columbia, Canada and earlier today, was in Calgary too. I’m on a vacation for the week and let me tell you, it has already been so rewarding that I can’t even express my gratitude to the universe. I flew into Calgary, rented a car and drove myself to Canmore (one of the top vortices in the world - amazingly positive place,) Banff, Lake Louise, Lake Moraine (which was closed unfortunately because of snow) and then up through the Rocky Mountains for 6 hours to Kamloops where I stopped for the night and am staying with a friends parents. It was the ultimate day.

I have to say this right now - I love spending time alone. I mean its just a really great feeling to get in a car and just go. I felt total freedom, to go where I wanted, stop when I wanted, eat what I wanted and not have to worry about anyone else but myself. Total liberty. I loved it. Even in those moments when I felt a little stir crazy because the radio was out because there was no reception in the mountain range and I couldn’t help but sing the same songs over and over. Even in those moments, you learn yourself in a way that would never happen if you were just chilling in your room. And for that, I’m filled to the brim with gratitude at even having this opportunity to do this on my own, at all, ever.

I highly suggest that if you can take a trip, even a short one alone, you do it. Take that opportunity to expand and reflect, meditate and make use of your brain power in a capacity that is otherwise outside of your normal range. It’s powerful and potent and I’m already feeling a surge of new energy that I am so happy to be feeling.

If tomorrow is anything like today, I know it will be epic. I can’t wait to see what the day brings and lets just hope that I see another Moose. Now that made my whole trip worth while!

Goodnight loves!