We Really Like to Share!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So you’ve found yourself at Urban Minerals, eh?  BRAVO! 

We are so proud to have you here, checking things out and seeing what’s what in the land of mineral makeup!  It’s a super exciting time in the development of this new company, brand, entity, that we just want to gush the same way we would over a newborn baby!  Awwww! 

So here’s a cool way we’re looking for help with this new endeavour.  We want to put the word to as many people as possible, because hey this baby needs to stand up on her own two feet and what better way than to give her encouragement and share it with your friends?!  

It would do us a great service if you would share this blog and website with your friends, as an ode to keepin’ it real and helping your fellow woman out with what she believes to be a totally awesome new beginning.  We will continue to share what’s important and relevant to us, namely makeup, beauty and sustainability and do the best job we can.  If we can help you with your endeavours too, just ask.  It’s a community after all that we want to build! 

So if you want more information on mineral makeup do’s and don’t, sign up for the email newsletter.  We’ll share interesting content that we found out over the course of the last year, in our research and development stage and how this relates to you.  And also (and here’s the first little tidbit), watch out for a new feature coming out soon - free samples!  We really, really want to get the word out and what better way to buy makeup, thank to try it?!  Uhhh, we thought so too!

With lots of love, 

Sarah Devika  |  Founder & CEO @ Urban Minerals