West Coast Adventures

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So after a full week spent on the west coast, here are my truths as an individual and a business owner.
I really like the west coast. It’s pretty rad out there and the people are just a wonderful reflection of that laid back culture. The shopping is great, the stores are beautiful and from what I saw, there’s a definite eco-friendly, organic culture there that’s deserving of many more exploratory trips.

I enjoyed the Vancity scene immensely while I was there, and found that through my travels and seeing a lot of Vancouver, I got to really experience another world. What really had me impressed is how beautifully alive all of the plants are. You walk outside and the trees look awake, all covered in moss and the cherry blossoms were in full bloom, a true sign that spring has sprung. That I got to take advantage of an amazing hike just an hour north of Vancouver in Squamish really sealed my appreciation for the West Coast access to the great outdoors.

However, while I was away I found myself missing something I hadn’t counted on.

That thing is the multiculturalism that I almost take for granted in its prevalence here in Tdot. I found myself looking around at the people in Van, and noticing that while there was some definite diversity, what I wanted to see - skin tones - just wasn’t what I had expected. I love seeing all shades of the rainbow here in toronto and thats what connects me to my people and makes me comfortable. I love it more than I realized. (No matter though, I did my research while there and found that Vancouver is just as inclusive of diverse populations as Toronto is. So we’re def cool!)

I’m sure I’ll gain more insight as time goes on, but that’s just a tid but from the heart that I wanted to share with you.

Also, I hope you noticed the collabo that I showcased on @urbanminerals Instagram with #circulatingvibes! It was a cool way to interact with the world, leaving motivational and inspirational quotes on playing cards in fun places along the way to be found by someone special. I’ll write more on that tomorrow because its totally a topic deserving of its own post! I know the law of attraction always fascinates me and putting out positivity, or rather circulating some good vibes, is super important to me too! So off to bed I go, to dream up new possibilities and to have my dreams write my next adventure!

With nothing but love,

Sarah Devika,