West Coast Truth

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today was another epic adventure. It was a day to leave Vancouver where I spent last night to venture out into Victoria and see what all the fuss is about. I’ve been really pleasantly surprised to experience a wonderful new culture and place.

That’s one of the messages I’m receiving strongly through this trip. That despite what you may have had as a preconceived notion, we are all just truly different and that doesn’t equate to being a bad thing. I think just the opposite is true actually. I find it fascinating to tell people here on the West Coast that I’m from Toronto and gauge their reactions for example. Some people give me a little crap because they make some weird assumption about all Toronto people. That’s why I gotta break it down and make sure that they know we’re just mad cool. One love baby!

So anyways I digress. I think that it would be so much better if we all just realized that we’re all beautiful on the inside and out and that no one is judging you. I’m definitely not. Not even close. I think you rock, no matter where you’re from.

So with that have a good night ladies and gents and tune in again tomorrow for another West Coast update from your fave Urban Minerals girl, out in the field looking for new experiences, information and inspiration!