When the Time is Right Make it Happen!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Ahhh, what a wonderful day off to work on Urban Minerals - YES!  

God I love these days.  They make my world go round.  Early wake up, some cleaning up around the edges, some progress stuff, some writing.  I get to do it all and mix cataloguing too!  Yes, yes, YES!

More please! I want more.  And I think that’s a natural response when you find that the brakes are off and things are moving.  The really cool thing especially is that I can take part in a number of things right from home, like being on BSchools Graduation call today!  I love when things make sense and work out and that’s exactly where I am right now.  

The one thing that I’m becoming more aware of too is that this feeling of joy is just as important as the low moments of density.  I’ve been talking to a lot of entrepreneurs and everyone concurs.  Things are not always peachy keen.  But when things are going well, make use of that time girl!  It’s there for you so GO, and make it happen!  The universe certainly has your back and wants to help you and here’s your opportunity.  

So I am.

Also, as a reminder, Urban Minerals launches in a month and a half!  June 21st is the launch party and I will be happily welcoming you to come if you want to be there.  Details will come out closer to the date, but if you’re a makeup artist or are into green makeup and beauty, there will be a time for you to come to the party and take part!  Cool right?  I think so :)

So enjoy the wonderful world and weather today.  It’s gorgeous outside my window today!