Why Aggressively Pursuing My Happiness Makes Me Successful

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

My to do list looks a bit hectic at the moment but its all stuff I know isn’t very hard to do, just time consuming. That’s always been the key to my happiness. When I feel overwhelmed or scared I just think, hey wait a minute, this isn’t physically hard, out of my mental scope or actually impossible. In fact its all stuff that if I don’t already know how to do, I have every resource in the books to figure it out. It’s just a lot. And I’m just me. Which is why I have to hand it to anybody that has ever started up a company (of one) while working a full time job.


At the beginning of this year long journey, I said yes I can do this. I knew I had the energy and tenacity and perseverance to get what needed done, done. It’s now though that all of that knowingness is being put to the test. The final exam period before summer to be exact.

That’s why I’m constantly making my own happiness a top priority. I don’t hold back on myself anymore. I make myself a cup of tea when I feel like it. I say no to dinners or social engagements if I feel like I can’t mentally be there. I take myself for walks. Or to the park. And I always eat what I want. Because I know I’ll stop for a yoga break too.

It’s in this constantly swinging pendulum motion that I’m starting to find my balance. I can’t make Urban Minerals a success without making myself feel personally successful and this is the only and best way I can think to do it. By aggressively pursuing my own happiness.

So yes, if you’re in a similar situation to mine, and you find yourself juggling things like a circus performer, I say take yourself out for a treat of your choice and keep that feeling consistent. That’s what will keep you feeling good (within reason babe.). Take my word for it. I plan to keep on keepin’ on and I also plan on being happy in the future and especially right now. Like they say, happiness isn’t a destination, it’s the journey! So remember that your amazing, what your trying to accomplish is admiral and its the little steps when broken down that aren’t hard per se but so totally worth it in the end.

Go get em’!

One love,

Sarah Devika