Why Everything Comes Together

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Ooooh Girl, it’s 3am and business is still going onnn.

That’s because the official Urban Minerals launch is 10 days away and there are loose ends that need tying.  I hesitate to wonder if this is normal, but I think that in fact yes, it is.  When starting up a business, longgg hours are to be expected.  Which is exactly why people will caution you before going for it.  You will have to WORK IT.

But I already knew this day would come.  I expected it.  I recognized the kind of hard work and dedication that would come with the kind of success I was looking for long before I even registered my Master Business License. That’s why I’m awake you see.  To make sure I make good on that promise I made a year ago.  

It all sounds kind of cryptic but in a few days it will all make sense.  Everything does come together in the end you see.

One love!

Sarah Devika