Why I Do What I Do ;)

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

I think mineral makeup has got to be one of the coolest things on this planet. Now I know that’s a bit of a strong statement, but hear me out.

It is my personal belief that through mineral makeup, I can legitimately tell the story of all of the races. The varying colours, the wonderful ingredients and the beautiful art that ensues all lead me to view mineral makeup as some cool ass ish.

What’s more, we all connect with it differently. One woman might use it for ar very light dusting, while another might want a dramatic, full coverage look for photos. You never know what it’s gonna be. And I guess that’s why I like it too. It’s comes back to the fact that we’re all different, but were all one.

Eventually I want to show you guys why I think women are so cool. Through my own personal experiences, I’ve just met some really cool ladies and found each one to have her own unique flavour. That’s the best part for me, connecting with women on this whole mineral makeup topic and getting to see the inner little girl, inner diva really come out to play. It’s a testament to how much I love my inner child to be in this pretty line of work ;)

So anyways this all goes to say that yes, I do believe that mineral makeup has to be one of the coolest things on this planet. I give it full applause, and I can’t wait to really work with it. Yeaaah baby!