Witnessing Fear

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today I’ve officially begun my work through “May Cause Miracles” and already I’m beginning to feel a lot more present to my feelings. The affirmation for today was “I am willing to witness my fear,” and this has already come in handy. There are so many more moments of fear than I hadn’t previously considered, that just seem to pop up randomly almost out of nowhere throughout the day. Learning something new, or reflecting on the past, thinking into the future and thinking about all matter of things all seem to be sources of it for me, and by simply being willing to witness it, you can start to shift into a more empowered state. Like ”ya, I see you, what ya gonna do now, punk?”

I figure I’m going to keep up this practice so I can continue being aware of what’s really going on in my head space. The more aware I am, the better I can feel about the present moment, and the better I feel about present more, translates directly into feeling better about the future. Win win!

On to the next tomorrow I say!