Work High

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today is January 15th. On this day I feel like so much has opened up to me. Why? Because not only did I have my 2nd buying day, where concepts and new information are already starting to come together, but I had another sick meeting with my girl Jen. I honestly feel on top of the world right now. I also decided that seeing as how this is my jump off year, my business launch and personal creation point, things are about to really change.

I realized that I need to find different ways to get inspired. If that means calling up my friends or skyping with my long-distance peoples, then that’s what I’m going to do to get myself to that next level. If that means allocating different YouTube videos for different moments, business minded or spiritual, than that’s what I’m going to do. And if it means getting up just a bit earlier to see the sunrise like I did today or making myself a smoothie or steep some loose leaf tea because I know that will improve my overall energy, then that’s what I’m going to do too.

Life is one long process broken up into moments. And moment to moment we are constantly making decisions. Lately I’ve been thinking about the laundry list of to do items and that’s not getting me anywhere, but when I’m inspired and sparkling, uplifted and in the zone, things just seem to have a way better flow to them. That’s why I’m deciding to cultivate daily inspiration right along with my New Years resolutions of balance and organization. What other reason do we set New Years resolutions for, than to have a better life?

And to make matters even better, I’m going to start right now. I’m riding off the energetic high I cultivated over dinner, thinking about my logo, branding and packaging and my real world next steps. This is the right zone to be in, so I’m gonna get out my handy Evernote app and continue to work it out, break it down.

I want to create when I’m feeling excellent so the outcome can be excellent. More on that tomorrow. But for now, just enjoy the fact that you are making real headway and you’re learning a ton just like me. Watch out cuz it’s all happening now.