Working Commuters

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Sometimes I just want to zone in and do work in a zone out kinda way. I mean for example when I’m riding the GoTrain and I have exactly 23 minutes to myself and I have my brand new, handy dandy iPad with me, we’ll that’s the perfect time to get things done. I never realized how productive commuting time could be until I stopped driving and started doing it. It’s one of those great untapped resources that to this day I’m still surprised when I look back at certain projects and realize that they were mostly completed while moving through space.

Just some guidelines though.

1) Always be sitting in the direction of the trains/subway/bus’s movement and preferably beside a window. This way you rule out motion sickness and if you need a break, hey there’s a window.

2) Make sure you have things with you to work on or draw inspiration from. I only get passing free wifi when I’m on the train for example so that’s not really a reliable source. So instead I make sure I have my iPad fully charged, my book of the week for reading breaks or random page inspiration, or my business bible to get me back on track.

3) Try to get some privacy. I like doing work on the go but I don’t like the feeling of being watched while I do it or judgmental stares at my use of technology. Also, from time to time, there can be really sketchy individuals on mass transit and its best not to encourage odd situations.

4) And finally, make sure not to miss your stop. Don’t zone in so totally to your work that you forget where you are or where your going. The last thing you want is to inadvertently give yourself more work time when your actually supposed to be at work.

That’s all for now, but I hope it amuses you to know that this blog, and most of my blogs actually come to you while I’m on some form of mass transit. I hope my tips help and let me know which apply for you!