Working on my Tan. Tomorrow!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

So today I spent the whole day at home doing work.  Yes my friends, I have become a recluse.  Of sorts.

It seems that while I can feel totally expansive and out of this world excited, I still have to be at home to make it all work and watch it grow.  Which is kind of alright especially when I have awesome friends like my girl Aleeza who will come over and who I can mix for.  Two birds one stone I say.  I mixed her perfect foundation and then did her makeup (yay!) and then we high tailed it on an adventure to Jack Darling park nearby, where we dined on take out wings and enjoyed the park.  There were also a copious number of photos taken as the sun was going down - a photo op not to be missed.  When in Rome!

So no I can’t say that I feel like I’m totally missing out.  And to that end, even though today was all work, there was still some play and that’s ok.  It’s gotta be this way.  Wow.  I’m rhyming all of a sudden.  I’m a poet, and I didn’t even know it…

G'lord.  Cabin fever has officially struck.

Thank god tomorrow’s Victoria day and I’ve decided to go out for the day.  First brunch with the fam, and then Trinity Bellwoods park for some much needed friend and relax time.  I can’t wait.  And no I refuse to feel guilty.  It’s a stat holiday after all.  No one should be working.  Unless it’s on their tan.  Hah!

One love errybody, enjoy the pops and lights of fireworks off in the distance!