You Aren't Given the Dream Without the Tools

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

All I can say is, I’m getting so close, I can taste it! Booyah!

I’ve consistently made it my intention to succeed and I’m starting to really feel that way. Things keep rolling and I’m just along for the ride but its in an organized chaos kind of way. I like it, but as things come down closer to the launch, I’m definitely becoming more strict with my time and energy. No time to waste now. The sense of urgency is real but that’s why I chose a hard launch date. No excuses baby. It’s like what they say “you aren’t given the dreams without the tools to make them happen.”

So here I am, keyboard in one hand and mixer in the other just making it work.

Lets see where this all leads tomorrow shall we? I think so!

And thank you for the support guys. I’ve been checking my google analytics and have seen hits from the UK, US, Russia and Peru…amazing! So thank you for following along, even from so far away. That really inspires to keep going!!

Xo Sarah Devika