You Can Do It!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

I doubt very much that I’ll ever get tired of telling people about Urban Minerals and see what they think during the course of our conversation. One of the coolest facets of these conversations is also getting people’s input. It always astounds me when I hear someone say something genuinely brilliant, not because I think they’re not smart, but because their ingenuity in my eyes could totally be funnelled into a business of their own.

Throughout this startup journey, I’ve always maintained that we are all able and capable of creating our dreams. I truly believe this, because not even 2 years ago, I was just working at a pretty crappy retail job and feeling like I wasn’t doing much with my life. To me the jump from then to now is peppered with fruitful happenings but nothing truly sets me apart from you. That’s why I want to encourage you to head straight for your dreams.

It’s simple too. Look at what makes you genuinely, down-to-your-core happy, heck even pick a theme and head in that direction. Experiences will come to you and it’s those that help you to ford the river successfully.

So above all else, know that you have every right to pursue your dreams. Their in your mind for a reason. And also, just so you know, I’m here for you too, if you ever need feedback, to feel pumped up or advice.

Enjoy your end to this work week everybody, stay warm and dream up all sorts of new possibilities!