You're Invited!

by Sarah Devika Sumnauth

Today I did something a year ago I didn’t know would be possible.  I clicked send on the invite for my launch party.


In the moments leading up to that one decision I surveyed my work, took stock that everything was there and in the right spot, looked good and then sent out a prayer to god, the angels and the ascended masters (ya know like Buddha) to grant me infinite serenity and success in this one choice.  And then it was gone.

I’ve watched for the last few minutes, the progress of the stats and the very early beginnings of this campaign, to have people attend my, Urban Minerals, launch party and I have 1001 emotions swirling around inside my head and body.  It’s this state that I hadn’t anticipated a year ago.

But what I can say, that has me all looped up in joy, is that I knew I would be here some day, doing these very things and making these very choices.  It’s what I knew had to be done, the moments before I clicked buy on my domain name or before I sent out a plea to the universe for an intuitive, professional and fast graphic designer; before I somehow had an amazing chemical engineer land in my lap through an old friend or sent off the paper work to register Urban Minerals with the Toronto Business Development Centre.  All of those choices have led me to where I’m sitting right now, in my living room and each more profound than the last has shown me that you can actually create your life the exact way you want it to be.  Granted nothing’s perfect, but things look pretty good from here. 

I went over an exercise I had to do in BSchool last night, where I asked 20 of my closest friends and colleagues to send me what they thought were my top 3 qualities.  In so doing, I got a real lift of positive energy and love from those people.  In reading their words and translating their emotions when they wrote those sentiments, I saw how much I’ve grown as a person.  A really smart, intelligent and lucky one at that.  And it’s just as much them as it is me and my work that I want to honour today.  Because this is the small victory that will lead me to much greater ones down the road and beyond.

I thank you wholeheartedly Urban Minerals followers, and I want to extend to you with open arms an invitation to come to the launch party if you are here in Toronto on June 21st, 2013.  Your continued support lights up my life.

And please never forget that hells yes you’re going to feel freaked out, and have no clue what you’re doing, but those moments are the most important, because that’s exactly where you grow as a person.  Stay there and grow through it.

One love baby,

Sarah Devika